What separates CIC from other surety bond agencies?

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We participate in the Small Business Administration (SBA) Surety Bond Guarantee Program in most states. In recognition of the contributions they have made to their country, we pool all resources to help veteran owned businesses. As an enhancement to meet Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) supplier diversity goals, we created an in-house Owner Bonding Assist Program (OBAP).

We have programs in place for sticks and bricks (construction) and non-construction projects requiring bonding. Our clients will attest we work diligently for businesses that may not meet eligibility requirements in the standard bonding markets.


Not bonded, or just want to increase your bond capacity? Our agents and consultants will help you establish a bond line. Each bond line is subjected to surety underwriting and approval.

For bonds under $450,000 in some cases, no business or personal financial information is required. However you must meet certain credit requirements. A complete list of required items is listed on the contractor’s checklist.


How can we help you? Contact our Surety Bond Division for details.



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Bonding Assistance Programs

Owner Bond Assist Program (OBAP)
This program, was created by Charlene Reynolds, over 5 years ago to help reduce bond barriers for small, woman, and minority contractors. Collaborating with non-profit and trade associations, CIC has initiated MOU’s nationwide to assist small businesses as a membership benefit to their trade association. The process involves pre-qualifying contractors who may be planning on bidding on an upcoming project, and proving them with a bond line. 

It started with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Urban League of Hampton Roads Virginia and is offered nationwide. Designed for existing project opportunities, pre-qualification session can be used as a part of any project owner’s diversity outreach program. 

The OBAP increases supplier diversity contract opportunities, by eliminating bonding barriers. We can help meet project owner’s DBE goals by pre-qualifying sub-contractors, establishing, and increasing bonding capacity. The project owners and general contractors who increase subcontractor capacity for ongoing projects, not only build relationships, but receive national recognition as a participating stakeholder in closing disparity gaps.  


Airport Bond Assist Program (ABAP)
Creative Insurance Concepts, Inc, in partnership with the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) created an airport specific bond assistance program and included it as a member benefit. CIC has committed to donate a portion of the program proceeds to AMAC, in sponsorships. The Airport Bond Assist Program (ABAP) is the only national airport specific designed program with emphasis on helping concessionaires obtain bonding to meet contractual lease requirements.

AMAC is the only national, non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the full participation of minority owned, women owned, Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE), and Airport Concession Disadvantage Business Enterprise (ACDBE) in airport contracting. Its two primary goals are to eliminate the barriers disadvantage businesses face in contracting in the airport industry; and to capitalize on the opportunity available in this multi-billion dollar industry.

• Owner Bond Assist Program (OBAP) - Download Brochure
• Airport Bond Assist Program (ABAP) - Download Brochure

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Definitions of Different Types of Bonds:

Please find below some defintions that may be helpful to assist you in determining your bonding needs. Place your cursor over the bond type to display the definition of the bond type. 




Contract Bonds

Bid Bond

Performance Bond

Payment Bond

Supply Bond

Maintenance Bond

Subdivision Bond

Site Improvement Bond


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Commercial Bonds  

Alcohol Tax Bond

Concessionaire Bond

Contractor License Bond

Employee Dishonesty Bond or Fidelity Bond

Janitorial Service Bond

License and Permit Bond

Lost Title Bond

Lottery Bond

Sales Tax Bond

Utility Bond


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Probate Bonds

Custodian Bond

Executor Bond

Fiduciary Bond

Guardianship Bond

Probate Bond

Veteran Administration (VA) Fiduciary Bond


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Make a Payment

Make Payment


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Bond Forms (Except CA/NY)




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Bond Forms (NY)




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