Ever stop to think of the risk associated with the day to day operation of your business? Whether your firm provides a product or a service, operating a business is risky business.

Companies are faced with contractual risk, property damage, general liability, cyber liability, and workers compensation exposures every day. Contract indemnification and hold harmless agreements are an excellent risk management tools, but only if the risk is managed property by certificate of insurance tracking.

Let's not forget the risk of losing data and vital records stored on computers. Then, there is the risk of confidentiality breaches of sensitive information. Cyber Security risk effects all industries, both public and private. Our risk management team can address computer and network exposures in an effort to provide cyber liability coverage in the event of a data breach.

We provide loss control inspections and risk analysis to assure our clients and the suppliers they entrust with their customer’s confidential information have proper risk management protocols in place.


Document Tracking and Management Service


DTMS is a user friendly system with searchable features that allow users to locate documents and files electronically. Special features include user creatable queries and reporting capabilities. We manage, monitor, and track documents according to contract specifications. A service tailored made to meet the client's compliance need.






• Eliminates the need for paper storage
• Reduces the risk of damage and fire
• An excellent emergency
  preparedness resource
  for vital records
• A sensible alternative to paper storage of vital documents
• 24-hour secured Internet access
• Data file sharing capabilities

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A sensible alternative to accurately

track vital documents.

Certificate of Insurance Tracking

Recognizing this, your company may already have a procedure in place for requiring proof of insurance to reduce liability issues. This proof is a document called a certificate of insurance, and is used as a powerful risk management tool to transfer risk from one company to another in contractual agreements.


After the certificate is obtained, the challenge facing most companies is that no one is monitoring them. Are your certificates being filed away in purchasing files or in several different departments within your organization? Has your company established certificate guidelines, and are all your suppliers complying?


Without a tracking system, your vendors could be exposing your company or agency to unnecessary coverage gaps. Documents could also be lost or destroyed by fire.


Creative Insurance Concepts, Inc. will manage, monitor, maintain, and track your certificates, using your established guidelines for compliance.


The data is maintained on our secured system and backed daily. This eliminates the need for fragile paper documents.


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An important crisis management tool for Risk Managers:


Summary of Risk Management Services:


• On or off-site document scanning and conversion
• Customized queries and reporting capabilities
• Vital document destruction and shredding services


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Biometric Palm Vein Scanner

(Access Control Device)

Plastic card badging, and picture ID's can be used by others to gain entry into secured areas, and does not securely restrict who can enter a restricted area. Biometric technology can be used to identify patients in hospitals, parents in daycares, gain access to college dorms, schools, construction sites, and banks, and airports employees. CIC is resale partner with ePortID, and offer this Fitjitsu scanner as a risk management solution to manage enrollment, track employee time, and grant access into secured locations.


Biometric Scanner Options

Time and Attendance in the palm of your hand

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Risk Analysis

• A risk analysis is recommended for suppliers and vendors who provide services where a security compromise, a breach of confidentiality, or the loss of sensitive data could cause an increased exposure to a business.

• Vendors you identify, that fall in this elevated risk category should have an on-site inspection conducted by a risk management specialist who will analyze the risk associated with the scope of services.

• Site inspections may be done for new vendors or suppliers, during contract renewals or on an as needed basis. This is an excellent resource for credentialing and helping meet compliance and certification requirements.

• Photos are optional and may be taken of the exterior including business signage and interior areas of interest. The risk analysis report and photo are transmitted electronically upon completion of the risk analysis report.



Some of the focused areas of the risk analysis are listed below: Other areas may be added upon request and others are optional.


⇒ General business practices
⇒ Building operations
⇒ Essential employment practices
⇒ Financial stability
⇒ Security and confidentiality protocols
⇒ Accessibility and business environment
⇒ Cyber liability and data breach exposures


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